For the novice I was of dentistry, teeth were, in my whole life, an area that generated fear and physical pain. This mostly because I did not know for a long time how to appreciate them. And the consequences were made visible in time, both mentally and physically. Yet I won’t tell you about me today, although the parents’ history may be transferred to the children in various ways.
In addition to her medical training in this field, Gabriela searched to gather as much information about the cause and treatment of dental caries from other sources than the allopathic ones. At some point, she will return with an article on the subject, this time with the voice of the specialist.

The aesthetic appearance of teeth can sometimes convey misinformation to the voluntary or involuntary audience. It seems that there still is a long way ahead until we, humans, will stop throwing childish and useless advice. Too often I meet this “norm” of pointless advice that has its origins, most often in the others’ experiences. And one eventually can overcome such moments yet often it consumes unnecessary energy on subjects which are mostly deeply unknown by the one offering opinions.
At about Sara’s two years and some, her teeth began to develop a slight etching. The possible causes are multiple, yet this is not what I want to talk about, rather about our adventure towards solutions in their treatment. For me, as I said earlier, the teeth were more of a source of fear, so it is understandable that I have turned to the resident family expert, to understand what is happening.

Gabriela, after a long forethought, decided that once she fulfilled three years, Sara’s tooth must be treated. We thus, calmly, with much patience and many explanations paved the way long before. At home, we have a plastic human skull, with teeth, brain and eyes, a dental mirror and mother and father as patients. Sara checks our teeth, making maneuvers learned from her mother. In this way, she could learn about what it will be. Gabriela prepares an ample article on the subject for it contains important lessons for each parent.
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Our fear of the dentist is born either from bad experiences in the past or from mental constructs … Sara has no fear and no mental constructs about dentistry, so it is our duty not to produce them. We do this by treating the subject with naturalness, openness and matching information based on her age. We don’t lie, we don’t color the truth, and however, we create explanatory stories about what is happening. We do not miss an opportunity to illustrate that the lack of brushing does not help the situation, but do not dramatize. Eventually, Sara, as our equal, helps us all three. There are no miracles, yet what there is created, is found in understanding and mutual respect. No need to hurry if there isn’t the case; however, there are chances to be facing a “fait accompli”. As I said earlier, Gabriela will return with an article useful for those crossing similar situations. Working with house buyers offers a number of advantages, one of which is that they are interested in acquiring properties regardless of their current state. Regardless of the state that your house is in, you can expect a fair and reasonable offer from them. Visit

With love and connection, we do everything in three. Sara. We, the adults, are the ones learning every day. I have asked Sara how it was for her at the dentist, her conclusion being that she liked it up to the 1st floor, where she played in the waiting room… at the second floor, she had the treatment. But she is willing to go a third time, realizing that it takes a longer patience for putting “the final plasticine”.