“Johnny, how old is your dad?
8 years, comes promptly the reply.
The teacher insists and demands an explanation.
Johnny responds flawlessly,
My Dad was not a Dad before I came to be”
Social media Viral from USA schools

Many cultures calculate the age of the child since the moment in which the child first appeared on their parent’s mind. For me, having a child did not miraculously qualify me to fatherhood, on the contrary. I gradually became aware of the multitude of knowledge holes, and gradually begun reading, participating at conferences etc. In fact even this kind of awareness came to be nicely wrapped in the feelings of my loving wife, my life partner.

We were preparing for the arrival of our daughter “statistically”, meaning mostly that I was pragmatically arranging for things…until my wife felt the need for something else… Her natural curiosity and her attraction for spirituality opened up a new path.
“Fatherhood” as I live it now, is here mostly due to her life choices and for those and many other things I will thank her forever. The rest, begun to appear slowly in the same rhythm as our daughter was opening her eyes towards her loving life. And so I began to take classes, to read books and participate at events, all of which had a single intersection point, “fatherhood”, only a different kind of fatherhood.

The words which you read here, in this blog, do not stem from any desire of teaching you or others, rather they come from the desire to share, to reflect about our human condition so full in feelings and events. With a certain degree of sadness I have observed my “fatherhood” to be a rather isolated experience. Often I find myself as the only father on the playground, in parks, buses, metro… Mothers glance at me with a mix kind of look, starting from curiosity and extending towards all directions. Meanwhile I got used as much as I got used to parents which recognize my daughter meanwhile I suspiciously look at them as I don’t recognize them…but as we are two parents:), most of the time our tiny princess is the intersection point between “special times” with her parents.

What you will find here are connection dots in our life, intersections and most of the time a playground…our children teach us what we have forgotten.

Take with you only what moves you and never take my word for it:)