Did you know that there is an intersection between photography, presence (Here and Now) and childhood? Well, there is such a place, and that is a place where you could spend some time with unexpected benefits.

Photography arrived in my life at such an intersection. A very long time ago I borrowed a camera and left for vacation online ce. Later on, a very dear friend gifted me a camera on my birthday…thank you, Vanessa, wherever you are now.

The arrival of photography in my life was the first important intersection which would lead me towards this presentation.

My life was a long chain of observations and photography fitted perfectly in the action of seeing as it was there to record what my eyes were witnessing. The arrival of Sara, our daughter, in my life, created another intersection, the place in which I was about to migrate from a very complex, camera-based photography onto phone photography. Better suited for discrete observation, smaller, available,

Out of that simplicity and availability, I drew my steering towards phone photography. Of course, subjects rearranged themselves as the phone was rather limiting in its capabilities, yet at the same time, they extended as the phone was opening new opportunities and expression paths.

As phones are becoming smarter every day, they also become more suited for photography and in a minimal form all that I wanted to take pictures of was rooted in the why

WHY, why do I want to record that particular moment.

What do I feel?

What will I use?

In terms of photography, my guides are rather simplistic in nature:

1)     I use the rule of thirds – it stems from painting, yet do not worry, phones have it in them so you only need to activate it. I have it on all the time.

2)     Getting down to the universe of the child next to you. This is very important, to see things as they see them, lingering above them only reminds them that they are small…chances are they know already.

3)     Use available light, when there is no more light that is that. Remember, you are taking pictures of your child, not for National Geographic…and, they don’t like flash anyway.

4)     Most importantly, speak to your child of what you are doing. I let Sara know of every intention; moreover, I let her take pictures if that is what she wants. Now that might create the opportunity for a new phone, but that is that you will get over it. Creativity deserves to be explored.

And some food for thoughts, we could easily be tempted by pride over photographic results, don’t lose yourselves in it. Remember that intimacy is important for us as adults and for our children, allow them to choose later on in life. I will publish at most one frontal shot with Sara, per year.

So, this is about intersections, not just about photography. With childhood photography, you are already in a different universe, a new league of profound discoveries about the inner self.

You could train children, set them as you see fit, but the loss is great. Rather than following a mental concept about an image, I let things flow and that will determine the decisive moment for writing with light. I do this through presence and awareness of my presence. My path towards here and now, crossed me through the intersection with Gabriela, my wife.