I still remember the rainy days of my childhood. Coming back home, from school, alongside my two brothers, we were happily  following the gush of water lining the gutter with a joyful stream able to carry out anything willing to float. We were looking for sticks, boxes of matches, we made paper boats and released them on the happy river that was spreading near the curb… Luckily for us it had the same direction as us…home…


Water, in general, the rain and the ponds bring color to the city and pigment our childhood memories with colors and joy. If we carefully search throughout our adult memories, chances are to rediscover at least one memory filled with giggles, wet feet and which includes …at least one pond.


Not even today, when yesterday’s children are today’s parents things haven’t changed by much. You need almost the same ingredients to fill yourself with laughter: a pond, a child and imagination….not for us, the parents, but for the child.


Searching the web, my lovely wife managed to find the perfect equipment for urban aquatic adventures. This is how have appeared in our clothing inventory (Sara’s) both “the yellow submarine” ( a sort of waterproof overalls) and “the green crocodile” (a green cape, with a crocodile on it…) Along with  the rubber boots, the equipment offers almost complete protection. Almost…because Sara loves to jump, to hop and to run happily throughout the city ponds…
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Every time we take “the submarine” out  exploring the city, we know that we will have fun, that we are going to run freely through each pond discovered on our path. We know that we will jump as high as possible so that the drops from our landing will reach further away. We know that we will laugh merrily and strongly, with spontaneous chuckles and shouts of joy, because the ponds are an enchanting kingdom in which the world is upside down, and from which drops spring from time to time reaching for the clouds.


Every time we take “the submarine” out  through the city we give a helping hand to the adults that seem a little downcast by the rain. The giggles, the joy and the rain drops that go from the earth towards the sky, have a special power. We see the discreet smiles, but also the brave ones, which tackle me with an “Well done, Sir!” happy because of the show.

IMAG0368Sara reminds me, with every step, every gesture, of the simplicity of being. She speaks to me beyond words, through feelings in which the cognitive cleverness does not have neither rhyme nor reason. Sara is living her present in joy, happiness, love, as we,  those with big grown bodies, hardly remember to do so.