Arrived it is the gentle fall,

Slides down through yellow leaves

Kids are getting out from school

To have a walk, I can’t,… so help me with a stool.


Near the house there is turmoil,

With roar of horns or with their voice in blur

Haste is in their schoolbags yet without patience on the soil,

Meanwhile engines crammed together would rather purr.


Now, parents are in a sudden hurry

And it happens they be yelling,

They have picked up their loved ones,

Yet they are all stuck and this is compelling.


– Come on, move it, cries one.

You can’t hear him through the horns,

But none are moving let alone one

And to pass… you can’t so just don’t scorn.


I have tried to play it on a sweeter tone playful atmosphere of the school. You see, starting with the beginning of the classes, begins also the concert of the rush for a different kind of Here and Now.

The school in question, which I bet it’s not different from others, wakes up in the morning sound of horns. The several hundred cars equipped with parents and children all came Now and right Here. At the ground floor of the apartment building.

And because of the discharge flow, leading the child up to the teacher’s chair, looking at the school nostalgically, changing quick opinions with others etc., is not fast enough, others signal this with horns … many, synchronous and long … A completely different way of saying I am here now and I Want!

imag5617-01It is a residential area, so “nolens volens” the neighborhood wakes up. There are people arriving in the parking place and those without a car are slipping through them and seem to ignore the show that takes place 4 times a day. In the morning, twice at noon and in the evening, to close the day crowned with consistency.

Every school day, their children, our children learn from this show. Lessons are different although the circumstances are almost identical. Being in Here children learn they Want, and Now frankly teaches them the lesson on how to ask for an  immediate gratification for what is in the Here and Now, covered by the sound of horns and “polite” encouragement of those less willing to move immediately.

Someone once said: “Give me patience God, but fast as I’m in a rush”!