A few clicks away … of emotions

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I acknowledged in the previous article that I am absent and to be consistent with the recognition thread, I will continue to elaborate. I was telling you that the last period has brought changes in family dynamics, implicitly in the relationship with Sara. We always make all the steps ahead of changes, meaning that we are announcing the change, discussing what is coming next, and trying to approach every step through the positivist perspective.

Such a “positive” would be the possibility of contact with virtual environments when I was a few thousand kilometers away, contact that allegedly would have brought some connection between me and the two fairies. You have probably noticed the quotes assigned to the last word “positive”. Well, they are there to remind me of its relativity depending on context and audience. For me, the online connection meant a way to assuage my longing, similar for Gabriela, but differently for Sara.

Sara always reacted differently when we were online, and what is notable from the start is that these virtual connections have always been our intentions, not Sara’s. We ask her if she wants, initiated by Gabriela or me, yet she has not shown her own desire to connect online.
Now I have to tell you that Sara knows the virtual way of communicating, is familiar to her and used by us on various occasions, rarely. It would have been natural to allow her to open the door alone, but we did not.

Sara, in our times of virtual communication, was rather absent. Either she continued to play or often disappeared from the frame, or manifested her “willingness” to communicate, coming out of the frame and communicating only by answering my questions. It is most likely for her that she was better in choosing herself to initiate and express her desire to communicate. And this is because, we the adults, have a limited understanding of the emotional universe that the child crosses, both in the absence of the loved one and in the virtual presence.

Obviously, this observation is just an observation and not a universal truth. However, I consider the topic of thought to be important in such a way that our positive intentions do not necessarily constitute an unfortunate path through the elections. So, together with Gabriela, I decided that the surest path is that of choice. As such, Sara will decide when and how we will connect when the distance demands it. For us, Gabriela and I, the subject naturally became real, both through what we felt and what we noticed independently. The outcome of the discussion is present among these lines and reflects the importance of listening, communicating and observing through the presence of what is happening.


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