A large slice of “my daily parenthood” has its roots deeply stuck in Otilia Mantelers’s courses. Another part derives from Gabriela’s purposefulness and her loving “daily motherhood”.
For me, it remains a part which is called “work in progress”, pigmented with careful observations, “the presence” beside Sara, and diverse readings that have no other purpose than to keep my eyes open and clear.

The information collected has demystified a lot of things, elements that once I was convinced that I will practice and this just because around me I always found the same patterns. With each new step on this parenthood path, I discovered, however, that the “traditionalism” regarding the infancy is the tool for the removal, if only mimetic, without adding present love and the desire to ask “why” often enough before choosing a “good way”, just because it was transmitted to us.

I have discovered the universe of “parenthood through play” along with other parents. I have learned the ABC of emotions when the limbic system is activated, the therapeutic benefits of crying and the “limit’s” usefulness. They are the ones about which I wanted to speak today.

Sara needs limits when her amygdala is uploaded and needs to be set free. Usually, when the need arises, she asks for something to which usually has limited access. She knows that she will meet with a firm refusal, yet gentle, loving and filled with warmth. So she gets going on this path to discharge her emotions when they reach the limit. Our arms, the parents’, give emotional comfort and safety for emotional release.

I chose to participate, to listen, to understand, but also to practice. The most important were to feel the impact of limits in the life of the child around us, but also how the child within us has internalized and decrypted his own meeting with the same limits.

Children sometimes need boundaries because it helps them understand the relationship with the world that surrounds them. Tradition tends to suddenly stop children’s curiosity and actions. And even if the intention is positive, the child will remain only with questions towards what has just occurred. Gentleness, explanations, and love do nothing but encourage lively curiosity towards everything around.

Otilia’s universe is no different, just informed and when inner loves combine alongside with knowledge, they create wings. I will introduce below a link to Otilia’s program and blog. Discover a world of positive emotions, which will bring shine in the childhood around you and within you.