Everything used as visual support in this blog is of “my own production”, meaning writings with light,  reminding of the moments when childhood unfolds around me. I am watching, feeling and participating. And now, with Sara entering the independence area, I am less and less requested by her. So what I am left with is only to gaze at every scene and feel the moment for writing with light. Thus, through the recording with light, I feel that I am rather capturing the emotions and states of being, specific to a childhood universe that we have alienated from, rather than to collect images for later use.

Photography for me has become a most frequently used mean of communication. Beyond too many words, images bear within a range of messages, pre-arranged elements, others changing, new characters or not, and the most frequent partners: Sara and the light. In my inner searches, I frequently select my inner peace theme, and most often I meet it at the conjunction between photography, presence, and childhood.Writing with light has its own language as a vehicle of meanings. Cartier-Bresson often spoke of the “decisive moment”. This, in photography, makes the result of being spectacular, visual fragments or wholes of truths which are immortalized through light. Generations of viewers deciphering meanings and personal interpretations in each frame, which Bresson could not possibly have foreseen. Some have written books trying to theorize about which perhaps was not in Bresson’s intention, yet for me, his decisive moment consisted in the presence in the environment at that time. The trigger finger was just an extension of the soul of the viewer aware of his own gaze at the world around.

Presence has almost the same qualities as the decisive moment: not to lose yourself in mental projections, not to live in the past with your mind and not to expect that “the found solutions” may change something from the past. Do not live in the future and especially do not identify with the fear that sometimes it causes. The present, this “Here and Now” takes you where you should be, connecting that which exists with what you are.

For parents, this means living the moment when they are around their children. Beyond the desire for a bright future, beyond their own childhood, which unfortunately most often delivered mental constraints and uncertainties, beyond all this noise there is the moment and the place where your child probably still resides. Help him/her to be a permanent resident of the present by being there along with him/her.

In this way, we get to the childhood, where children are truly free as we haven’t still fully smothered them with our mental projections, with fears or desires and activities designed, often, just for us to feel better as parents. However, childhood around us is generous and welcoming, the children invite us along, knowing to find childhood rooted from within us. They laugh with soul and the joy from their eyes crosses the lens to be captured with the help of light and the camera’s sensor. They love to participate once they understand what is happening. Their native curiosity keeps them aloof from vanity and to record the present with light has its dose of magic. Invite magic in you and you will remember what it means to marvel.

A whole range of possibilities opens when instead of collecting hundreds of images; we collect states that are still vibrating in us, because we have already been there, aware of the moment, yet appreciating the decisive moment when childhood and presence invite photography at a dance in three. You’ll go through each of the three dancers, you will be a childish present photographer because this language it is the only acceptable for this universe that you want to immortalize. Homebuyers are ready to purchase properties in whatever condition, which makes them a suitable choice for people who are looking to make a quick sale of their property. Visit https://www.cashhomebuyers.io/connecticut/cash-house-buyers-stonington-ct/.

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