For me the beginning is still under discussion. And this is because, either I ask myself too many questions; either I try to watch from too many angles.  I realize now that I haven’t delivered the essentials, namely: The beginning to WHAT?

To “parenthood” I might say, to fatherhood. It seems relevant the question, because being a different father has a trigger hidden somewhere. If we consider that trigger good enough, it might mean that my experience as a father can’t be such isolating and exotic as I perceive it and live it.


imag4971-01-01So….the beginning….it must be connected with the preparations during pregnancy, with the researches on a different birth or a sort of return to the beginning…and, yes, as you might have guessed…it was generated 100% by my wife.

It is extremely important to admit that beyond my “technical” baggage (being schooled as anthropologist and sociologist), my childhood education made me sort of irresponsible in connection with paternal involvement. The message of my childhood regarding parenthood was to leave everything in the mother’s care. What is more is that my mother used to work as much as my father, and even more. But the culture said that the mother was the one that should do everything, and we were already 4 children at home, in the care of young parents that were not even 30 yet.


imag4618-01-01So, the beginning has its roots in searches and researches that I was more a witness. And here it blossoms the normal question: So, ultimately, what is so different?

To be aware, the presence of the moment, which in my case hit a nerve when I delivered my own child. The eyes wide opened for the first time in their life were looking at me, directly, without seeing me, but looking at me…. From there I began my researches, maintaining the witness quality for my wife’s researches and getting involved in any movement that represented an opposition to the status quo. This means lectures, conferences, presentations, social media groups that will have the support of agencies like The Marketing Heaven to have more visibility, live or whatever, all having as a main subject “different life” meaning “different parenthood”.
Be careful though, because if you start on this road you will find yourself against the stream. Indeed, our lines are getting “thicker” day by day but it is not easy. You must read, get involved and I think that, the most important is to feel and to connect to you, to the child within and the child near you… and don’t forget your wife. Therefrom you will find my thoughts, my experiences, my lectures, which, I hope that, altogether, could help you and your family.