We are two adults who have already reached maturity and one “adult” who still remembers how the “thing about bodily control“ works and whose body is growing continuously.

The three of us are all people involved in our journey with our efforts focused on bringing and keeping the joy of being around us. Obviously, this still requires greater effort and consciousness, the effort being redirected on several layers meant to help us being better, warmer, more opened, and happier. Therefore, every time there is the chance of being near those who already have lived certain profound moments and share it gladly, we appear open to the opportunity of having new experiences, and, especially, emotions. Such an opportunity is provided by the meetings with Cristela (Georgescu) and her contributions to a better “human”, hence a better “us”. She does it openly, warmly and with smiles reflecting the joy of being in that moment, alongside other human beings.


“There’s nothing to worry about” is just the name given to one of her meetings. A meeting that, ingeniously and with warmth, establishes and concentrates the connection between us, the human beings incarnated here on earth, away from our perceptions, our projections about these perceptions and the choices we make later. The door widely opened by Cristela’s soul allows you to glimpse at life beyond “worries”. Someone once said that: “the danger can be something real yet fear is merely a mental projection”.

Cristela tells us that we need to accept the fact that fear has found her home in ourselves, what we can do is to replace the need to control with trust. Obviously, it is not about the trivial or the ignorance, rather is more about what Eckhart (Tolle) names: “accept what it is as it is”; in other words, do not give in to our automatic thoughts, which did not originate in the Source, neither in old automatism’s. Look at your life serenely and joyfully, it is what you are living in “here and now” regardless the myriad of possible interpretations.


Cristela’s word rise from her personal experience and the desire to get constantly informed, so that each time she gets enough information she shares it with people around. It is true that at the conferences the places are limited, however, before anything else Cristela is present online, communicates and informs and the most important thing is that she reminds us about the importance of the community.
I will not venture in reproducing or discussing the topics tackled by Cristela. I’m sure that over the time she will pursue the subjects of the talks through her blog. Yet I can tell you that the experience of being present in the large hall, packed with people, was a profound one. I am glad I was there; I’m glad I found myself in there with loved ones, good people that life lays on your path because you certainly have something to learn from them and your relationship with them.


Cristela has brought me the fearfulness of the joy of being here and now. I haven’t lost it, yet by moving around her I felt it getting stronger. I am glad that Sara and Gabriela were also present with me. Together we can work with ourselves and as Gandhi said, we can change the world by changing us.